thinking about the economy

With the economy as tough as it is today, I imagine that hunting may increase.

Shotgun and small-bore rifle shells aren't terribly expensive, though they surely cost more than they did when I hunted; people can gut and skin their quarry themselves if they hunt small game. Most folks wouldn't want to butcher their own deer (remember that episode, Dad?), bear, etc., so they'd be paying a butcher.

Fishing and hunting can be very economical ways to feed the family. I don't hunt anymore, but you put game in front of me? I'm chowin' down, y'all!

I consider myself a member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals). Cook up a little venison or a wild turkey. Make chili with squirrel instead of beef or domestic turkey. The animals that provide the meat in the store generally have miserable lives. Wild game live free and happy, and die quickly if the hunter knows what he is doing (I have to admit that I know a few who turn into jackasses out in the woods).

The last critter I shot was a squirrel. One shot from a .22 caliber rifle, in one eye and out the other. Instantaneous, painless death. Utterly humane.

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  1. I remember mom telling me that we used to eat squirrel for dinner a lot and I was completely shocked. "That was SQUIRREL?! Damn, that was good!"