On Saturday, June 13 2009, Lisa received her most recent alimony check for $500. We should have deposited it on the following Monday, June 15 2009.

The deposit has not appeared in her account and neither of us remember making the deposit.

Yesterday we searched high and low for the check. In the house, in the car, in every nook and cranny of her purse and my backpack; under the furniture, under the cushions, beneath the bed and mattresses.

In every notebook and file folder. In every file cabinet and in every folder within them. In my wallet and her wallet. In the trash.

Then we looked in all of those places - and others - again and again.

Although we have prayed and searched, searched and prayed, the check eludes us and we are mentally exhausted. Every transgression committed by either the pets or each other creates an emotional explosion.

Eventually we are confident that the check will show up, but for now our bills are piling up and Lisa's disability payment that comes on the third of each month will not allow us to catch up.

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