hoo boy

I woke up this morning with a puppy being born next to me in my bed. Stupid dogs screwed twice two months ago. The birthing process seems to have ended, and now we have three puppies that we really do not want and cannot support.

Then I learned that our phone, Internet and TV had been shut off because the payment was overdue. Thank God I have a cell phone; I made a partial payment using it and service was restored within ten minutes.

Yesterday we finally picked up my meds, so I am handling this series of events with relative aplomb. I am also wearing a hematite Buddha necklace, which is supposed to promote a calm attitude.

Lisa just got off the phone with Verizon, who recommended a company that will help us catch up on our bills.

And now I must disassemble my laptop (again) because the keyboard is acting up.

Everything is going to be OK. I know it. It has to be.

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