Hubert and Marilyn's family generously allowed us to take a full-size couch, a recliner, a matching pair of octagonal end tables (which Lisa says are called "commodes" in the furniture industry; sorry, but I worked in construction, and to me a commode is a bathroom fixture) and a new, hardly used, wheelchair. There are also a variety of tools that we haven't brought home yet.

Lisa doesn't need a wheelchair yet, but on her worst days it could come in handy. Eventually one or the other of us will probably need it anyway. I gave it a try, as I have always wanted to roll around in a wheelchair. It isn't easy to get around corners and through tight spots, but I managed to fetch a couple of cans of pop from the fridge. Then I needed to back out of the kitchen because there was no room to turn around. I tried the trick where someone tilts the wheelchair up and stays that way - and fell flat on my back twice. Good times!

The upshot of all this is that we have a living room packed with furniture. At one point Lisa cried out, "Help! I'm being overcome by furniture!".

Tomorrow I'll rearrange the room and clean up the new couch and recliner, since they are dusty and lightly coated with some kind of grit. One of our existing love seats is ratty and bears the marks of teenage graffiti. It will leave the room (where it will go, I have not yet decided). The leather love seat will take its place. The new couch will fill the hole left by moving the leather one, but the roll-top desk will move to another part of the room to allow an end table to be placed there. The old end tables will be replaced by the new ones.

The recliner poses a problem. It will probably end up obstructing one end of the couch, at least for now.

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