hypocrisy from the Republicans - nothing new

Former Bush advisor Andrew Card has criticized Barack Obama for working in the Oval Office without a suit jacket. Jon Decker from Reuters claims that Dubya "always wore a suit and tie in the Oval Office. There was never a picture of him that was seen by the public in which he wasn't wearing a suit and tie."

So I am obligated to provide this photo from HuffPost of Bush - you guessed it - working the Oval Office without a suit jacket. Can't tell if he's wearing a tie or not.

Ronald Reagan, who is elevated to God-like status by many Republicans, did not always wear a suit, or even a tie, while working. Neither did Gerald R. Ford, another Republican president. Dwight David Eisenhower - oh yes, a Republican - worked, in the Oval Office, in his golf clothes (including the metal-cleated golf shoes; he notoriously left pits all over the floors from them).

So give us a break, G.O.P. flacks. Your hypocrisy is transparent and your policies have failed. No Republican president in the last 50 years has balanced the Federal budget or even reduced Federal spending, with or without a suit jacket.

Unlike, say, Bill Clinton, although I am sure that if Clinton had pulled Eisenhower's cleated-shoe stunt - even once - he would have been indicted for malicious vandalism of public property.

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