good doctor! you get a treat for that! good boy!

Sage's veterinarian called us - personally - at 8:10 AM this morning to check on her condition. I described how she had improved, giving examples of her behavior since our last visit. He said "that's awesome" or "awesome, awesome" several times during my explanation.

We were impressed that he called us himself rather than delegating the task to a tech.

He advised that, since she has been responding so well to treatment, we will continue to administer her medicine as prescribed. He wants us to call him in ten days to update him on her condition.

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  1. Sage, affectionely; Sagie is my baby too and would like to add a thanks to the Doctor. I have worked for doctors (people docs) and never seen the care that he expressed as well as his techs. They were also very kind and gentle and informative. I would like to report that she is still doing well. Jay is doing a great job taking care of her for me.