The hospital released me this morning.

I had gone in for severe abdominal pain, and told them that it felt like pancreatitis. While I know I am not a doctor, I have some experience with that disease and thought it might ease their diagnostic process to have someplace to start.

After a blood test, X-rays and a CT scan they confirmed my suspicions. Pancreatic enzymes and the white blood cell count were elevated. The CT scan showed a slightly thickened gall bladder but no stones. On Thursday they gave me an MRI to check further for gallstones, but found none.

They gave me intravenous Dilaudid for the pain until they felt that I could tolerate pills, then they gave me hydrocodone once I could eat and drink, which wasn't until last night. This morning I awoke with pain, so they gave me another hydrocodone before discharging me.

I was hesitant to go to the ER because I knew they would give me pain medication, but I had reached a point where it was more important to protect my health than to avoid medication.

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