My stepmother, Velma, drove to New Port Richey this afternoon and brought me back to Zephyrhills for the weekend. My brother is down from North Carolina for the holiday. It is good to see him again.

One of my folks' neighbors took me to an A.A. meeting just before suppertime, and will take me to another one tomorrow (possibly two). It was a speaker meeting, and the guy had a good story to tell.

After I arrived in Zephyrhills, I called the manager of my halfway house to let him know that I got here safely. He wants me to call every day, and attend meetings while I am away. Not a problem; the arrangements were already taken care of before Velma picked me up. When I get home I will be subject to a urinalysis, which is also no problem. My family won't let me screw up.

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  1. Happy Easter to you and to your family. My prayers are with you and best of luck with everything. Kendo