he's baaaaaack

Yessir, I graduated from the Florida Center at Avon Park today.

Not a moment too soon, either. There were a couple of guys there who really rubbed me the wrong way. I almost beat the crap out of one of them about a month ago, but thought better of it. The psych doctor upped my meds and added another one after that.

I made at least one good friend there. We traded addresses and promised to keep in touch with each other.

Now I am in New Port Richey, FL at a halfway house. We have wireless internet access, but the router is in my bedroom so I don't need a wireless PCMCIA card just yet; a simple Ethernet cable gets me connected.

Time to catch up on my email. I already went through my inbox and sifted out about 100 spam items that Yahoo's filter missed.

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  1. Glad to see you back and I hope your recuperation will continue well :) Good luck!