bbq, benzos and threats

A week ago this past Tuesday, a man whom I thought was a friend threatened me with a knife and a pistol. It turned out to be a pellet gun, but when he pulled it I threw out my arms and shouted, "do it! put me out of my misery!"

That turned out to be the correct response; he put the handgun away and told me that I wasn't worth getting in trouble over.

He was upset because A) He had been told that I was gossiping about his girlfriend, calling her a "dumpster diver" (which she is) and B) because he was obviously high on crack and thus unreasonable.

I reported him to my two case managers and my addiction counselor, just in case I turned up dead or missing, and later filed a police report for the same reason.

On to "benzos". I have been paranoid and jittery lately, and not just because of Pelletman. I'm not sure what the basis of my anxiety is, but when I showed up for my addiction group today there was a mentally disturbed woman in the waiting room who couldn't keep her vopice below a low shout. She kept saying that it was time to take her meds and even pulled them out. However, she said, she would not be taking her Ativan (a "benzo" or benzodiazapine - related to Xanax and Valium) because she heard that it was being taken off the market.

Given my agitated state, I was tempted to tell her, "if you don't want them, GIVE ME ONE!" But I didn't.

Regarding barbeque, there is a new barbeque vendor in the parking lot of the gas station across the street from where I live. His prices are too high for me, but I told him that I'd tell the folks at TCC to check him out. Sometimes they pay for catered BBQ lunches.

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  1. Hope this finds you warm and safe. Your blog is better written than most so long lapses in posting cause concern for your well-being and leave a void in the blogosphere. Just wanted to leave you a message of hope for the year ahead and a wish that the holidays bring you moments of peaceful happiness.
    A fan of your blog.