another week, another stint in the nuthouse

The food issue became a serious problem last Thursday. I missed breakfast, lunch and supper.

In a fit of hunger and associated rage, I called 911 and checked myself into the psych ward again.

You see, last Monday I presented my case manager with an unfilled prescription dated 7 May 2007. Not even close to being too old to fill, correct? He told me the next day that the Apalachee Center wouldn't let him fill it; I need to see them again.

The problem here is that he called the wrong people. The Apalachee Center has multiple offices, and they aren't always in good communication with one another. My prescription was from PATH, the psych ward. He called the Drop-In Center.

I spent Thursday night at PATH. Friday, just after lunch, I saw the psychiatrist. When I told him about the prescription fiasco, he was dumbfounded. "We would not have denied that prescription," he stated. Other members of the medical staff at PATH concurred.

The doctor gave me a shiny new prescription and sent me on my way. Later this morning I will present the new script to my case manager.

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