bouncy bouncy

In which Jay falls down and goes "boom"

First I want to introduce my son Ike. He just sent me a link to his MySpace page, "Fuck Subtlety".

And now to the crash ...

Last Friday I crashed my bicycle. Some good Samaritans called 911, because I was laid out on the sidewalk bleeding. A cop showed up along with an ambulance. They took me to Capital Regional Medical Center, one of Tallahassee's hospitals, where I was given Keflex and Tylenol, bandaged up and x-rayed. There was also a CT scan of my head. They gave me a prescription for an antibiotic - Keflex - but not for pain medication, then released me after the buses stopped running for the night. I had to start walking home. It's over 8 miles to get home from there.

By the time I reached Tallahassee Memorial hospital, I was in so much pain that I checked in there. They gave me Percocet and Motrin. By the time they released me, with a prescription for more Percocet, the morning buses were running. I didn't have to walk the last four miles and was damn glad for that.

For some reason, the usually attentive staff at CRMC chose not to clean my wounds before bandaging them. As a result I ended up going back to TMH on Sunday because I had nasty infections in most of the wounds and extreme pain because I couldn't afford to fill the prescriptions (the free clinics aren't open on the weekend). Without the Percocet I can barely walk due to the pain; by the time TMH had finished cleaning the two-day-old road dirt from my wounds and replacing my stinking bandages, the buses had stopped running for the day (of course). I had to walk for three hours to get home from there.

Three ER visits in three days. When I left TMH Sunday evening, they made it very clear that I had better get my scripts filled ASAP. They didn't want to see me again anytime soon.

Yesterday I was able to get the prescriptions filled thanks to the Big Bend Homeless Coalition, operators of Hope Community (my current residence).

But wait, there's more!

It looks like I won't be getting the job I was hoping for in Rochester. My friend is swamped with work and needs help immediately. I had expected to be there by now, but when I was let go from TCC they failed to give me the required "separation checklist". Without that document, they couldn't release my 401(k) money. Without that money, I can't afford to leave Tallahassee. I have the form now, but won't get my cash in time to help my friend.

I still plan to leave Tally as soon as I can.


  1. Does your son realize that his myspace page is impossible to read because of the dark print on dark background and the superimposed image overtopping everything?

  2. Probably. It's a common problem with MySpace, from what I've seen.