work and not work

The final countdown is on. My last day at TCC is Friday.

It is very frustrating. They claim they can't afford to keep me, but they pay even more for day laborers and keep hiring them. Nobody has indicated any reason for my dismissal other than the financial consideration.

I spent Sunday night and most of Monday in the ER of a local hospital, trying to get back into PATH. They finally sent me there. Fifteen hours later, PATH released me because I wasn't in bad enough shape. They needed the bed for someone with more serious issues.

And so I am back at work, earning pennies while dollars go elsewhere.


  1. Jay,
    Hold your head high, you can make a difference. We all hit bottom and make our way back up. You are a very intelligent man and worth so much more than you give yourself credit for.

    Hang in there!!!

  2. Jay, I agree with your anonymous friend.
    I'm glad that your son is reaching out. If you give it time, he will understand you better. Maybe you can help save each other. Even after my brother's tragic ending, his wonderful son developed a drinking problem and has experienced serious consequences as a result.

    I'm so sorry that your dollars must go to such an unpleasant woman while you are homeless and starving. Use your pennies wisely for food and positive choices. The negative things were your downfall and damage your health and well-being. I would be happy to meet you at a restaurant of your choice and buy you a nutritious lunch.