heading south

too soon, too soon

Tomorrow morning I fly out of Rochester.

My poor Dad. I feel sorry for him. He and Velma need to get me to the airport by about 5:30 am; my flight leaves at 6:30 am.

He said that he really had no choice when scheduling my travel dates. No other flights were available. The later flights were full, probably owing to the holiday weekend.

Harry and Sue (my aunt and uncle - Dad's brother and sister-in-law) came over for supper this evening. It was nice seeing them again. On Saturday, after the memorial service and burial, we (Dad and Velma, Karl, Anna and I) went down to their house on Port Bay for a steak dinner. At that dinner were Leon and Eric as well as Harry and Sue's younger son Ryan, his girlfriend CJ and CJ's daughter Chablis. I had not met CJ before (at the memorial service, I was wondering who the black woman was. It was CJ).

Never did get out on the boat but at least I was able to see and touch the sacred waters.

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