stopped by the cops

... again and again; they obviously hate squirrels

The Tallahassee Police Department stopped me as I walked through a gas station parking lot yesterday. Why? "There have been a lot of burglaries and robberies lately. We just want to know everybody on the street."

I honestly don't see them talking to too many other people. I also don't see them stopping any of the following real lawbreakers:

- cars running red lights
- cars without headlights after dark
- cars violating the "loud music" ordinance
- cars drag racing down Tennessee Street (over and over again)

I'm going to send this to the local newspaper.


  1. Not that you should be stopped or that it should be necessary, but I really wish you would give the police a copy of your Tallahassee Democrat article whenever they question you. I want them to develop some compassion and empathy and the realization that it could happen to anyone, including themselves or their family or friends.
    Jay, is there something about your appearance or demeanor now that is making them suspicious of you? When my youngest daughter went through a Goth phase, she would get stares and sometimes ignorant ridicule which she hated, but it was a result of the look she was projecting.
    I wish another friend or I could be there whenever they harrass you, to gently shame them and make them aware of what an intelligent, ethical person you are.

  2. well I was updating and redoing my "life after near death vexperiences weblog and photoblog, and I added some links and i rediscovered yours.

    not many people who know both upstate new york and tallahassee.

    I actually "went back home" again, in the 90s, to my Interlaken, ny, the town of 600 souls; every decade they build ONE house.
    Now i live at georgia belle senior apartments, play my ps2 and xbox games and go to Borders a lot.
    [never too too old for games]

    I must have over 200 photos of tallahassee places by now in my flickr.

    ...on to fixing my http://freestone.blogspot.com/