Dad showed up and took me to lunch. With him was his new lady friend, Velma. He and Velma had dated 52 years ago, long before he met my mom. They go very well together and plan to move in together at my Dad's place in Zephyrhills, FL.

We went to Los Compadres, a great Mexican restaurant here in town. I really needed that meal, as I haven't been eating very well at all lately.

Our visit was really nice but now I feel lonelier than ever since I have no family anywhere near here. True, I have a few good friends - and I am extraordinarily thankful for them - but I have been without frequent in-person family contact for ten years now. It is beginning to wear me down.


  1. Zephyrhills is where my Grandma lived from 1976-2001. Once again our families' paths cross...