got credibility?

Not if you are G.W. Bush & Co.

The Bush administration seems to be building a case for striking Iran, citing weapons and weapon components found in Iraq.

In my opinion, only the folks who have already drunk the Bush Kool-aid place much credence in this.

The sad part is, it may actually be true; I have no way of knowing for sure. However, the Administration That Cried Wolf simply cannot be believed, ever.

WMD in Iraq. No global warming. Everything Clinton did was wrong. The list goes on; countless cases where Bush was incorrect or deliberately misleading.


  1. That story about the little boy who cried wolf... Dubya heard that one, and calculated x number of lies times x number of countries he wanted to invade divided by x number of years he could be in office before his credibility was completely wiped out. So far, his calculations have worked for him.

  2. Good News ...at least Olbermann has a wide audience and can insert some sanity into the national media coverage of Dubya's lies. Here is the news clip dated 2/15/07:


    Keith Olbermann will continue to be a thorn in Bill O'Reilly's side for at least four more years.

    NBC News announced Thursday it had agreed to a "second term" with the MSNBC "Countdown" host, whose contract was due to expire next month. The extension will take him into 2011.

    Besides feuding with Fox News Channel's O'Reilly, Olbermann has become a liberal hero. He has seen his ratings increase since launching a series of anti-President Bush commentaries late last summer.

    His prime-time program averaged 715,000 viewers in January, according to Nielsen Media Research. While his audience is often less than a third of O'Reilly's in the same time slot, Olbermann's viewership is up 85 percent over January 2006.

    Olbermann will also contribute occasional essays to "NBC Nightly News" and there will be two prime-time "Countdown" specials a year on NBC, a division of NBC Universal, said NBC News President Steve Capus.

    "I've been overwhelmed by the support for this newscast, both inside NBC, and among our remarkable viewers," Olbermann said.